2014 Exhibitors

2014 Pedaler’s Fair Exhibitors and Presenters


A Smoothie Ride, Seattle. A Smoothie Ride provides your smoothie, your milkshake, and your blended kale drink with raw, human, pedal power! Come take a spin with us with your fruits of choice for less than a minute and refuel for your long ride ahead!


Babecycle, Seattle. Babecycle designs urban cycling clothing and accessories to encourage more women to use a bicycle as part of their daily routine. The focus is on tailored wool separates inspired by women’s active wear from the 1920’s to 1940’s.




Bright City Designs, Seattle. Bright City Designs makes and sells high-visibility reflective designs that can be applied to just about any jacket or bag. Arrange the pieces to create a unique layout. Set it with an iron. The result is pliable, durable, and washable.



Bombus Bikes, Seattle. Bombus Bikes hand makes bicycle to last a lifetime. Our bikes are designed to fit the customer and their riding needs. We are unbiased in our approach to bicycles and are therefor able to really listen to the desires of our customers. Our vision is to have the name Bombus Bikes synonymous with handmade bicycles in the Puget Sound region and the customer’s first choice.

Buddy Flaps, Seattle. Bicycle mudflaps with reflective graphics. Custom designs or plain black.

CosMoes Crafts, Seattle. Leather u-lock straps and belts, and jewelery.

Cyclefab, Seattle. In addition to trailers, front-loading cycle truck racks and other cargo-hauling machines, Cyclefab also makes custom bike polo bikes, heavy-duty kickstands for cargo bikes (the popular Rolling Jackass) and can do custom repairs.

EH Works, Seattle.  We design and develop products with a focus on creating maximum function in the simplest form. Our goal is to support your trade, lifestyle, and adventures with designs that provide durable, sensible and effective solutions, tailored to the desired audience. We will be featuring our Tool Rolls at this year’s Pedaler’s Fair. Bring your tolls, try the rolls out, and customize your ride.

Elephant Bikes, Spokane.  Locals recognize Elephant bikes  as high-quality, high-value, great-fitting custom bikes. For a time, Glen was filling orders for tricked out fixed gear bikes, but his mainstay is building cyclocross bikes. Elephant bikes are well-represented at local cyclocross races and end up on the podium with regularity. Sharp-eyed cyclists in the Spokane area will also see the distinctive Elephant logo on commuters, touring bikes, 29’ers, and road bikes.

G & O Family Cyclery, Seattle. Cargo Bikes and Commuters for the whole family.

Greenlite Heavy Industries, Seattle. Here at GHI we make functional yet stylish cycling clothing. Urban biking, commuting, mountain biking, touring: for those times when tight ain’t right.

Hinderyckx Bikes, Seattle.  Custom built bicycle frames.

Hinton Cycles, Seattle. Hinton Cycles is a custom bicycle fabricator.

hub and bepoke coat

Hub and Bespoke, Seattle. We love the way bicycles transform city roadways quieter and more social. Our hope and dream at Hub and Bespoke is to live in a city where bicycle transportation is a norm. We strive to design and create products to entice men and women to see through perceived barriers to bicycle transport and visualize themselves cycling in comfort and style suitable for their urban destination.

Matthew Larson Wheelbuilding, Spokane. Matt hand builds wheels made to order. Each wheelset custom made for the riders specific needs. All riders, bike types, and wheel sizes welcome.

Monster Bikes, Seattle. Monster Bikes has been making custom cycling hats since 2012. Materials used in hats are sourced from far and wide and include waxed canvas/ oil cloth, Sunforger (marine-grade) canvas, vintage wool and an endless variety of other colorful and fun fabrics.

Swift Industries, Seattle. Swift Industries is a four-person bicycle pannier company in Seattle, Washington. We design and hand-make bicycle panniers and accessories from the very first snip to the very last bolt. We love bicycles, relish adventure, and have deep admiration for high quality handcrafts. Swift Industries is the perfect business for us to fuse all three.

PF Telaio SingTelaio Clothing, Seattle. Telaio Clothing is a Seattle business specializing in wool bicycle clothing for men and women. A refined yet utilitarian design plus highest-quality construction means you can wear Telaio clothing anywhere and everyday, looking and feeling good both on and off the bicycle.



Toast Tea Threads, Seattle/Olympia. Wool cycling caps to keep your head and ears toasty!

T Leatherworks, Seattle. Handcrafted leather accessories for the fellow cyclist. Locally made in Seattle, WA.



Bicitoro, Portland. Jessie Kwak is a freelance writer and blogger who writes about the good life: travel, outdoorsy adventures, things you eat, craftiness, and (of course) cycling. You can read about her latest projects on her blog, Bicitoro Bikes & Crafts and connect with her on Twitter: @JKwak.



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